Thursday, April 14, 2011

BabyGirl Says

She is just at that age where she says the cutest things. Soon, too soon for me, she will have a much better command of the English Language, but I want to remember her baby speak forever.

Bacon is called "blankets." As in "Hava blankets, peese?"

When I give her a cup of milk or change her diaper she says "Thank you milk!" or "Thank you diaper!"

She loves to dance to Just Dance on the Wii. Her favorite avatar? The flowers....which she calls "salad."

Every time she leaves the room or goes outside she says "Bye! Happy Day! I luf you!" And every time, it melts my heart.

Yogurt is called Whoa-gurt, even though she is perfectly capable of saying her Y sounds.

When she wants us to really pay attention she says " Wookit da baby" which means "Look at the baby."

Tangerines or "rines" are her favorite thing to eat and she devours several a day.

When she says "goodnight" to her sisters she says "Night Night, Peanut" or "Night Night, Curly" but when she says goodnight to her brother she often says "Night Night, My StinkyMan" which is another heart melter.

"Go brush your teeth" has become one word: Gabeesh. As in "Time to put on your pajamas and gabeesh." She loves to gabeesh and makes a mighty fine mess trying to get the paste on the brush if she is left unsupervised.

Going to bed means it's "Time to find Buzzy." Buzzy is her bumblebee Pillow Pet and she squeals in delight as if she is really surprised to find him in her bed every single time.

I just don't want to forget her littleness.

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  1. Back in the day before computers lol....yes I really did begin my parenting journey that long ago... I had a journal book laying around and I wrote lots of those precious little things down so I would never forget. Its on my book shelf to this day. When I die in my old age the kids will go through my stuff and find it and laugh. "Why would she keep THIS?" I love your blog and that you document your life....because these years are so precious!