Thursday, April 7, 2011


So everyone knows what a midlife crisis is. And now I guess there is something called a quarter life crisis, where 25 year olds everywhere are freaking out. Now if you ask me that just means that they've figured out they are grownups now and it's time to act like it, but that's just me.

So what is the crisis called when a 4 year old doesn't want to get old? It's Peanut's newest worry. She seems to think that once you have babies, you get old.

"Mommy, why are you old?"

"I'm old?"

"Yes, because you had babies and got old."

"Is Daddy old?"

"No, just you."

Gee, thanks kid.

But her conundrum lies in the fact that she wants to have babies one day, but then she will be old, which she doesn't want. Tuesday she sat on the couch moaning and groaning about not wanting to get old for 20 full minutes before I was able to distract her.

Her solution? She's just going to be Sleeping Beauty when she grows up. That sounds like a great plan to her. And her little friends from school are going to be Ariel, Cinderella and Belle and they are all going to live together at DisneyLand.

100 years of sleep? Sounds like a good gig to me. Plus, apparently, she'll never get old that way.

Unlike me.

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