Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to:

My Dad, for being a great dad, who reads my blog faithfully, finds my kids as amusing as I do and who always comes through in a pickle. Actually, he even comes through when there is not a pickle. Thanks Dad!

My Husband, the best man I know. You are a fantastic dad. You always knew I wanted to be a mother and I knew you'd be a great father. I was wrong. I couldn't even have begun to imagine the kind of wonderful father you are. Thank you.

My Father- in-law, who has always treated me less like a daughter-in-law and more like a daughter. Who is also always willing to pitch in to help and has done so quite often. I am lucky in the in-law department, I know.

My friend Lance, who does it all and then some, many days with a heavy heart. Rochelle is most proud of you, my friend, as am I. We all are.

To all the boys I've watched become men, both friends and family, who then went from just men to husbands and fathers. You all impress me. Every last one of you. Your evolution from the kids I knew to the men you are has been amazing.

Happy Fathers Day to Everyone. May you be loved this day and every day. And if you are a father of someone in my life, please know that you are loved, this day and every day.

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