Monday, August 15, 2011


Tonight I put my baby in bed for the last time.

You see, tomorrow, she won't be a baby anymore.

She will be a preschooler.

I know, I know. At nearly three years old, she really hasn't been a baby for a while.

But she's MY baby.

And this mama is struggling a little bit.

She's the last one.

We're done with diapers. We're done with endless free days. Baby talk is over.

We're in the big time now.


I told myself it was no big deal. I was sure I would not cry. The last one in school is cause for celebration, right?

But when I tucked her in tonight, amongst her dollies and her Buzzy Bee Pillow Pet, I was already a little teary.

And I kissed a baby goodnight for the last time.

Because tomorrow she wakes up a preschooler.

And this mama isn't ready.