Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer training

A mom down the street and I have had a Facebook back to school countdown going all summer. At least once a week one or the other of us has posted a status update that has to to with how many days are left until school begins again.

Yesterday, Curly wanted to have other mom's daughter N come over and play. With six kids in the house and me still recovering from a semi unsuccessful weekend at the lake, I was not in the mood for any extra demands on me.

"Fine." I said "She can come over. BUT no sitting there with the TV on, no begging me for food or art projects, I don't want anything that causes me extra work. At all."

She nodded somberly. "OK" and ran off to fetch N from her house.

A few minutes later I received this hilarious Facebook message from N's mom:

Curly and N are getting ready to leave my house and Curly tells N "One thing. We can't ask my mom for anything. Nothing. She said we can't." And N goes "That's OK. My mom said I have to leave her alone. I'm not aloud to talk to her for a while."

I laughed. So glad to know I'm not the only one.

It only took us all summer to train them so well.

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