Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So this morning, after dropping the big two off at school, the little girls and I headed to the grocery store. It was very quiet in the store and the only folks we encountered was a lady shopping and several clerks stocking the shelves. We all nodded politely as we passed.

 But in the third aisle the man stocking the shelves said "Good morning." And so I answered. "Good morning. How are you?" He said he was fine, thank you and asked how I was. I was also fine. Pleasantries successfully exchanged, I was moving to pass him when I noticed that BabyGirl was taking him into careful consideration and I could see she was about to say something.

 I'll be honest, I held my breath. That kid is a loose cannon; I never know what she might say. And you see, this gentleman was African American, and she's commented on that before, not in a malicious way, but in the way of a small child who's close circle mostly looks just like she does.

"Good morning. I love you. Have a nice day." She smiled and skipped off. I think the man melted into a little puddle of goo. He declared his day made and I could hear his happy chuckle all the way over in the next aisle, even a few minutes later.

 #4 will likely not remember she did this. It's been 90 minutes and it's probably already out of her mind. But I am sure the recipient of her sunshine remembers. And so do I.

 My friends and I have been talking lately about how common decency seems to have taken a hit. That people no longer remember, not only how to be polite, but sometimes even how to be civil.

I think I know someone who could teach them a lesson.

"Good morning. I love you. Have a nice day."


  1. As if you didn't know it already, your kids are awesome and adorable. Certified fact. :)

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  3. We should all remember to be kind to each other with so little thought about should just come naturally.

    What a lovely girl you have.

  4. Common decency as well as common sense no longer seem to be common. So glad to have BabyGirl around to be a model for us all.