Thursday, April 15, 2010

Perfectly Presidential

StinkyMan has been learning about The Presidents in school. Seriously, he knows them all. Name any and he can instantly tell you who came after him and if he thinks for a few seconds he can tell you who came before him. I'm pretty sure they are learning it in song form.

So I'm in the shower and he's sitting on the edge of the tub and I'm shouting out Presidents and he's telling me their successors. I mean I'm reaching back to the corners of my brains where there are cobwebs trying to remember some of these guys. Guys like Polk and Garfield and Hayes and Fillmore.

So when I run out of Presidents, knowing full well there are more, he says "Mommy I know one you forgot!"




"Piercenbew. And after him was Cannon!"

Took me a second.

I'm pretty sure he means Pierce AND BUchanan!

So I go check the internet.

Yep. Buchanan came after Pierce.

I'm all at once thrilled with his smarts and awed by his innocence.

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