Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I spent the better part of 6 hours between Sunday and Monday combing out Curly's hair. I am not exaggerating. And once I finally got all the tangles out she wanted to go in the pool. My oldest child is part mermaid, so I felt guilty saying no. So I said yes.

Big mistake. Huge. Because after 30 minutes in the pool, it was incredibly tangled again. And after 90 more minutes of hopeless picking at her head, I gave up.

Today, our hair stylist cut these out of my Curly's hair:

Those are knots. Not clumps of hair pulled out of a hairbrush, not the hair swept up off the floor of a salon. Those are the actual knots.

You can't really see how bad the knots were, but they were horrific. I couldn't get my finger through the middle of them. The stylist said it was like dreadlocks, wrapped up in themselves and the worst she had ever seen. She worked hard to untangle a good portion of the mess, but some of the tangles just had to be cut out.

And so my girl's long curly hair is now to her shoulders. She loves it, I'm on the fence. I adore her long, gorgeous locks, but I won't miss the snarls and tangles of summer swimming. I would never stop her from her favorite activity just to save her hair. And it's just hair, right?



  1. Hair shouldn't stop you from having fun.

    Have you tried wetting her hair and running a little conditioner through her hair before you go to the pool. If it is long enough I would braid it too. I know curls don't braid easy, but even a sloppy loose braid would keep it from knotting as much.

  2. I had super long (to my butt) curly hair as a kid. It was braided ALOT ... my mom would also braid it every single night before bedtime. And I couldn't go swimming unless it was braided either. Eventually I got sick of the braids and compromised with a shorter (mid-back) haircut.

    I, on the other hand, have a 3 year old with super-fine, thin, barely shoulder length hair and she's never even had a proper haircut!