Friday, July 23, 2010


So, the other day StinkyMan and Peanut are drawing at the table. After a while Peanut brings me a picture. "It's for you, Mama. It's Boo's door" (from Monster's Inc.)

"Thank you. I love it. Great job!" and she runs back to the table.

Then StinkyMan brings me a house that he drew. He's quite proud and so am I. I've never seen him draw a house before and I think it's quite good for a 5 year old. I tell him so and he beams, then runs back to the table.

Then I hear the laughing. It's loud and bawdy and maniacal...the kind of laughter that generally means they are up to no good.The kind of laughter not usually associated with coloring and drawing. I come around the corner and watch for a while. Those 2 kids are laughing so hard, I think they might actually pee their pants. And with every stroke of StinkyMan's crayon to paper they shriek with glee and naughtiness. Whatever this is all about, it's obviously hilarious.

I edge closer to see a paper filled with this:

Clearly not getting it, I decide to interrupt their peals of laughter.

"What are the two of you doing? What's so funny in here?"

They both turn around to look at me, barely able to keep their faces straight. Peanut tries very, very hard to put on her best "disapproval face" and fails miserably.

"Mommy," she says solemnly, while her lip quiver betrays her, "StinkyMan is drawing HEINIES!"

Cue laughter, as they both dissolve into puddles of giggles. StinkyMan draws another and another, each as funny, if not funnier than the last.

Clearly this is the naughtiest and most scandalous thing they could think of. I also let them continue on. There is something hilarious about drawing heinies, even I can admit that. There is also something sweetly innocent about it...they were drawing heineis. Not butts, rear ends or even bottoms....heinies.

If that is the naughtiest thing they do all summer, we'll be in good shape.

I must add that the next day he drew more heinies, but they were made up of shaky lines because they were dancing heinies. We've since had a chat about where and when it is acceptable to draw heinies. That's just a call I don't want to get from the kindergarten teacher.

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