Friday, July 2, 2010


Yesterday I was feeling pretty good about our morning schedule. I was in the shower before it wasn't morning anymore. We were headed out for a walk. The house was relatively clean and the kids couldn't wait to see the neighbors new baby when they joined us for our stroll.

I'm contemplating all this as I'm drying my hair. Things continue to go smoothly as the kids dressed themselves and played together while I put on my makeup. My hair goes up in a cute pony on the first try. Incredibly pleased and still deep in thought about how well having a summer schedule is working out, I start to hairspray my hair. Even the hairspray seems to be flowing out of the container nicely, in keeping with the ease of the morning. Everything is going right.

Then I smell the unmistakable smell.

I'm not hairspraying my hair.

I'm dousing it in sunblock.


My cute pony is suddenly not so cute looking anymore. It's a smidge on the greasy side....much like I hadn't taken a shower at all.

Never revel in a perfect morning. The minute you get a big head, something goes wrong.

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