Monday, March 14, 2011

Cupcake success!

My niece is getting married and I had the honor, along with her other aunties, of throwing her shower this weekend. We made a yummy chicken salad, had fruit and bread and the dessert, well, that was up to me:

I was so happy with the way my flowerpot cupcakes came out. I had done a test run and had been less than thrilled with the end result. But by using multiple colors and fewer leaves (and pushing the leaves quite far down into the pot) the effect came out great! Several guests told me at first glance they thought there were flowers on the table. Better yet, people thought they tasted really good. Best of all, my niece loved them too.

Next time I want to try to make edible leaves. We shall see how that goes! I love my relatively new hobby and hope to keep learning new skills and trying new things!


  1. That looks so amazing! I love how each flower is a bit different. So pretty - you're quite talented!

  2. You can totally do edible leaves. I know you can do it!