Tuesday, March 1, 2011


...got her name because she was tiny. So tiny, in fact, that she fell off the growth charts. She wasn't all that delayed in her development, but was certainly taking her sweet time hitting those milestones we mothers wait for.

At one point our beloved pediatrician sent us to a specialist. "I don't think anything is wrong," he said "But I would hate to be wrong about that. So go see the specialist, just to make sure." Peanut being my third, my very strong Mother's Intuition said that she was fine. I was right. She was just, well, a peanut.

That was when she was still just a baby. Today, that baby turned four. She still weighs nothing, but that tiny girl is the tallest in her class. When we watched the school Christmas program, her dad and I were floored to see that not only is she the tallest in her class, she is one of the tallest kids in the whole school. Amazing how things change in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Of course I can't change her bloggy name now. That would be weird. If I could, it would be Sunshine, because she is just a happy, sweet, sunshiney girl, ever ready with a smile and a hug.

Happy Birthday to my not so tiny Peanut. I hope 4 is everything you dream it will be.


  1. Aww is her birthday today? Laurel's was just yesterday...they are several years apart, but still, how fun. :o) Happy Birthday Peanut!