Tuesday, March 29, 2011

StinkyMan is 6!

All my kids have birthdays every year (duh!) but really only two bother me. One is BabyGirl because with each year that passes my baby becomes less and less of a baby. The other is StinkyMan, who turned 6 at 12:44 this morning.

I don't know why it is that it bothers me. Perhaps because he is my only boy. Perhaps it is because I am afraid that we are too rapidly heading towards that time when he will want to snuggle with his Mommy less, be more conservative with his hugs and show less love just because he feels it in his heart. A time when sausage for breakfast doesn't warrant a shriek of glee, an extra story at night is the greatest treat ever and Mommy isn't the best singer in the whole world. A time when he knows better than I do, I'm too lame to pick out his clothes and chocolate milk doesn't fix everything.

No, I don't want my baby boy to grow up. I had to swallow a lump in my throat last night when I tucked him in a 5 year old, knowing he would awaken a 6 year old.

Thank goodness I have 364 days until I have to face it again.

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  1. It may not go that way! I am here to tell you....my one son who is now 24, still hugs me AND his dad and kisses me on top of the head and his dad on the cheek. He snuggled with me until he was a good 15 on the couch while watching movies...and even though he doesn't live with us anymore, if he goes out of town he will call just to say hi, so we know he is ok, because he knows we worry. He is a man's man....with a sweet gentle heart. I just had to share....I don't mean to hijack your comment space here, but really, sometimes the boys stay closest to their families, especially their mama's. Don't lose hope!