Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doctor, Doctor

To Peanut's great delight we have a stethoscope that actually works. She discovered this with glee yesterday, running around listening the chest of every person in the house. After she listened to mine, she delivered some bad news.

"Your heart is very broken." She was quite solemn. "It's in bad shape."

"Oh dear." I was shocked. "Very bad shape?"

"Yes. It's doesn't look like a heart anymore. It's a circle now."

"What are we going to do?"

"I will call the hospital on my phone. They will come and fix it." Apparently on the other end of Tinkerbell phones are magical, mobile hospitals. "Yes, hello. This lady has a circle heart. Come fix it please."

"Look here is the hospital!" I announced when a completely unaware-of-the-game BabyGirl came into the room.

"Fix her, Hospital! Her heart is broken!"

BabyGirl wandered off, I guess in search of a less round heart, perhaps.

"I will do it!" declared Dr. Peanut, waving around a plastic shot. "I have the shotter. I will give you 2 shots and your heart will not be broken anymore!"

Amazingly one shot in each arm seemed to do the trick. "I can feel my heart getting fixed!" I affirmed.

Putting the stethoscope back to my chest she nodded. "Yes, it's a heart again. You are all better."

Wonder what the bill is for doctor who makes house calls in a Princess gown and fancy shoes with a Tinker Bell phone?

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