Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You know you are a stay home mom who rarely leaves the house or the car when you are folding laundry and realize you have more "bum around the house" clothes than "be seen in public" clothes.

This is not how I intended to be. I was going to be that cute stay at home mom, the one who was thin and darling with cute clothes and cute hair to match the cute kids.


Well, I got the cute kid part right. Better get on with the rest of it.

I'm not a total slouch. I don't wear pajama pants all day, every day. I shower and get dressed. I do wear jeans more or less daily. I have a friend who gave up jeans for Lent. I would never survive that. I have OK tops, nothing special. The nicer ones I do save for when I go out. Bit by bit I'm getting a little thinner.

But I'd say at least half the time the hair gets pulled back and the make-up never goes on and there is a general sense of not quite having had the time to take care of me.

That has to end. For me. I'm sure Husband would appreciate the effort too, though he's not one to complain. Mommy mode is too easy. And it comes with built in excuses, but really there is no excuse for not being as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.

On the inside, I am a confident mom. I'm good at it. I watch twin babies 4 days a week and you know what? I'm good at that too. I've grown leaps and bounds in the kitchen. I think I'm a pretty good wife. I try to be a good daughter and I think I'm a good friend. OK, my housekeeping sucks, but we can't all be perfect. I am happy with who I am inside.

I need to match the outside with the inside.

Time to get started. First up, closet weeding. Out with the old, and time to find some new.

We'll see how it goes.

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