Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crafty time!

Martha Stewart, I am not. But I sure can pretend to be. And Martha sure does make it easy sometimes.

Earlier this week Curly had a playdate over and they made these:

Cute right?

A while back the Deal of the Day was Martha Stewart Art Kits at Big Lots for $2 each. I told you to get some for the upcoming winter weather. If you haven't gotten any, you really really should.

Martha thinks of everything. And when I say everything, I really mean everything. When I opened the package, each farm animal came individually packaged, so there was no guessing as to which parts belonged to which animal. And each piece that needed to be stuck on had, wait for it, pre-applied stickiness! No glue needed, just peel off the backing! Each animal that had parts for the front and back of the balloon had pictures of the front and the back for the kids to model theirs after and yes, each packet had a balloon. I opened 2 packages so the girls could make the same animals if they wanted to and all told, they each made a total of three and were happily busy for well over an hour. Each kit has 8 animals total. An absolute steal at $2!

So, I have already decided on Peanut's birthday. Yes I know it's in February, so what? We are going to have a farm theme and guess what the favors are going to be? That's right, $2 art kits from Martha Stewart, courtesy of Big Lots. Better than a cruddy goody bag for sure and a great rainy day activity for the recipients. (Plus see today's Deal of the Day for an extra good deal for these kits!)

There were all kinds of kits. Picture frames, hand puppets, balloon animals and more. You absolutely should take a trip to Big Lots. These are great gifts for birthdays, stockings or just to bust out on a rainy, yucky, boring day.

Addition: I changed the Deal of the Day, but here is the link to the Big Lots coupon I mentioned in this entry. Happy shopping!

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