Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was contemplating all kinds of blog entries today when I realized that several of them involved feet. So I put them all in one.

These are the cutest little feet I know. Busy too:

As you can see, Baby Girl has mastered the stairs and has also become a true toddler, taking tiny, lurching, toddling steps. She is dangerously close to dropping crawling all together and becoming a full time walker. Her mama isn't ready for her to be a walker, but it's so going to happen and sooner rather than later.

And Peanut got her first pair of winter shoes for the year. She put them on in the store and proclaimed "I fancy!" I have not been able to convince her to take them off for anything other than sleeping. She thinks she is hot stuff in her hot pink Stride Rites and calls them "My Fancy Shoes."

Her feet are not the least bit small. Unlike the rest of her tiny self, her feet are enormous, measuring only half a size smaller than her older brother's. She got brown ones too, although I'm not sure if drab brown will be as exciting as magenta.

And finally, with the shift into fall and cooler temperatures I get to bust out my favorite cold weather hallmark:

Footy pajamas! (see my baby walking! Yikes!)

I love nothing more than seeing a little kid in footies. I love how warm and cozy they look. When I zip Peanut up in her jammies she says "I cozy!" and pats her belly and shakes one foot to show just how covered and comfy and cozy she really is.

And I love when they get out of bed on a cold morning, hair sticking every which way, sleep still lingering in their eyes and voices, and they are all snug in their footies, ready to cuddle.

I love the sound of the pad on the bottom of the pajama feet on my tile floor, I love knowing that they are warm in their beds and I love, love, love how they look on my babes. The good people at Carters have cornered the market on darling footy pajamas and they have more than a few of this sucker's pennies.

Feet. Only a mama could love someone enough to write a whole blog entry about feet.


  1. Cute. :)
    Elise had those bunny footies. It melts my heart to see a baby walking in them.
    So cute.

  2. what a wonderful post! I do not think I could do feet or footed pjs the justice you did. I actually got all warm and fuzzy as I was reading about the footed pjs - and it made me long for tomorrow morning when my Ducky wakes up.
    Dirty Little Confessions