Friday, October 23, 2009

The Play

StinkyMan had been telling me for days that he wanted to do a play. He even went so far as to pull out a chair for me one day, but it was bedtime and I don't allow much fluctuation in bedtimes during the week.

Finally yesterday he told me that it was time for a play and showed me to my seat. I sat down and was handed a thin, rectangular, wooden block. Not sure what to expect I watched and waited as he and Peanut sat on the coffee table about 6 feet in front of me.

"You hafta pick me or Peanut" he ordered.

"Oh. OK, I pick Peanut"

"No, you hafta pick me for the first one."

"All right then. I pick you."

StinkyMan then proceeded to begin to walk around the table. And around. And around. Finally he said, "Mommy! You have to get me! Click me with your meyote (remote)"

All of a sudden it dawned on me. He wasn't putting on a play. He wanted me to play him. The wooden block was my controller, he was the Wii game and I was the player.

"CLICK!" I said and he fell to the ground. "You got me Mommy! It's time for level 2."

Now he jogged around the table. It took a few clicks to get him this time, because you know level 2 is harder than level one.

We played a total of 6 levels, each busier and harder to pass than the last. By the 6th level, he's exhausted himself, running full speed ahead, spinning in circles, bouncing off the couch and waving his hands in the air like a maniac.

I was clicking like a fool to no avail, and I'm wondering how much longer he can keep this up when, still running and bouncing and waving, he asked "Mommy? (pant pant) Can you push the pause button?"

I aimed the block, er, remote at him and said "PAUSE!" and he stopped and caught his breath. 'Thank you Mommy. You can unpause it now."

"UNPAUSE," and off he went.

Just 5 more clicks and I won the game. I think he realized he couldn't continue much longer and didn't have any clue what would make level 7 more difficult than level 6, especially for him!

That was the best video game I have ever played. Very realistic looking, too. And so much better than watching a play.


  1. HA! That is awesome! And so creative of him!!!

  2. and this is why I <3 children! Their imaginations run rampant - and it makes you get back in touch with your own!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Dirty Little Confessions