Wednesday, June 30, 2010

House Guest

Actually, first it was a car guest.

Husband came in the house yesterday with a young bird in his hands. He found the little guy in my car. I don't know how or when he got in there, but there he was. Husband wanted to show the kids. In an effort not to hold him too tightly he ended up holding him too loosely and he got away. I found him on top of my cabinets. It's days like these I wish I had a really good camera, because he was really a pretty little bird.

He was clearly scared as he stayed put even while I waited for StinkyMan to fetch the camera and didn't budge at all while I took pictures (Please ignore the dirty tops of the cabinets. Thanks to the birdie, I now have a new summer project.)

Husband had said he was a baby. Curly determined he was more of a teenaged bird.

Peanut was perplexed. "Why he come in here?"

"Maybe he thinks we seem like a nice family." I answered, taking pictures.

"But...." she cocked her head to the side, indignantly "we are not birds!"


"He needs is own family."

"Yes, he does."

I scooped him up easily and he peeped loudly. I handed him off to Husband who took him outside and let him go. He flew off and landed in a tree. I hope he does OK, our little teenaged friend. He seemed a bit lost and shell shocked. Perhaps I'd brought him home from grocery shopping the night before? Who knows. But I hope he found his family.

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