Friday, January 14, 2011


So, while I am busy earning my Mommy of the Year award, I let my kids listen to Tik Tok by Kesha. The song is basically about how she's going to go clubbing and get her drink on.

I know, I know. But it has a good beat and you can dance to it. And the little kids are lyric clueless.

Not so much Curly who said "Mommy, what's drunk?"

"It's one you drink so much of a certain kind of drink that you aren't in control of yourself and you say and do dumb things that you would never do if you hadn't had too much to drink. It happens when you drink too much wine or beer or some other drinks."

Eyes wide and frightened, she whispered "Too much chocolate milk?"

"No," I reassured her. "You are okay with chocolate milk."

"Diet Coke?" she whispered again, fearful now of my habit (Yes, I picked it back up. I'm weak.)

"Not Diet Coke. Now go dance."

It's so cute how they can know so much and still know so little.


  1. First someone should scold me for reading through your blog while I should be working. I really am in the process of distracting myself.

    Second, about the same time in our lives, my Korean friend, who spoke English well, did not, however, grasp song lyrics. She just hummed sounds that sorts mimicked words but she never pronounced anything and after my 10th cross-state roadtrip with her for work, I figured it out. And I told her that she, while we were working together, had to memorize one entire song.

    Tik Tok was the one she chose.

    And she never really mastered it. But when Ke$ha got to parts like "Pedicure on my toes (toes), trying on all my clothes (clothes)..." she had mastered the echo of "Toes Toes" and "Clothes Clothes." But "Crunk Crunk" "Junk Junk" and "Drunk Drunk" really took the cake. Cause she did it loudly and proudly.

    It was funny. But still not as cute as Peanut's story.

    The important takeaway from all of this, I decided, hence my need to share this story with you, is that I think Ke$ha really spans all ages, languages and nationalities. Ha.

  2. I wrote Peanut. I meant Curly. Bah. :p