Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Did you know...

StinkyMan is big into telling me things he knows, and it always starts with "Did you know...." and can be about just about anything.

Yesterday, as we were snuggling before bed he said "Mommy, did you know that there are three kinds of 2s?"

"There are?" I asked, curious to see where he was going.

"Yeah! I am going to the store is the T-O kind of to. She is two years old is the T-W-O kind of two. And if you say "I am big too" that is the T-O-O kind of too. Did you know that?"

"Well, I did, but there are lots of grownups that do not." I answered, thinking of some of the poor spelling I see daily on the Internet. "I think you might be as smart as a grown up!"

Then this morning, we were driving and he was noticing all the bare trees.

"Did you know that trees lose their leaves in the winter, so they look all brown?"

"I did know that, yes." I answered.

"But trees that do not lose leaves or turn brown are called Evergreens. Did you know that?"

"I might have heard that once before."

"I bet Daddy doesn't know."


"No. I will tell him. Daddy knows about mowing lawns and about the pool, but I don't think he knows about Evergreens because we don't have any."

"Well, you be sure to tell him, then."

"I will."

And the thing is, while of course, I DO know much of what he tells me, I don't know how HE knows it. He's only in Kindergarten!

And I suspect it won't be long before my little smarty does tell me things I don't know anything about.

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