Monday, June 28, 2010


BabyGirl is my first and only child to call me "Daddy." She knows I'm Mommy, and she'll even say "Hi Mama" but I think she thinks that's a whole phrase, not specifically addressed to me. The rest of the time she calls me "Daddy."

All my kids have been late talkers and they have all, pre-understandable English, spoken some weird combo of baby talk and real words. None of them ever stops talking now, so I'm not concerned by her gibberish and lack of clear words. They all have wonderful vocabularies, I have no doubt she will be the same.

But she is the only one to not focus on the word "Mommy" and since the other three are home all day every day right now and say it AT LEAST 1,000 times a day EACH, I'm OK with being called "Daddy" at the moment. Soon enough there will be four of them calling out "MOOOOOMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" at the top of their lungs.

Or maybe she is smarter than we think. Maybe she has figured out that I'm more like to respond to "Daddy" since I tend to tune out "Mommy!" And if Daddy happens to be home, then she has an extra chance and getting our attention.

Either way, she's a cutie pie who is becoming more clear every day. She says "Wow Wow" for her favorite show "Wow Wow Wubbzy", she says "thank you", though you wouldn't know that's what she means, she says "night-night" for goodnight and goodbye and when she wants to leave she gets her shoes and brings me my shoes. When she wants some milk she hands me her cup, walks to the counter, pats the top of it and then points to the refrigerator, to show me where to put her cup and where to get her milk. She can tell me when she is finished eating and when she is hungry she straps herself into her booster seat and waits for me to notice.

She's getting big, my BabyGirl, but she will always be my baby.

UPDATE: She also learned a new phrase that suprised me less than 24 hours after I posted this. Her brother sneezed and she said "Biss ew." He sneezed again. "Biss ew." Could she really know "bless you?" So I tested it out with a realistic fake sneeze. "Biss ew."


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