Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teacher gifts 2010

Last year I made teacher gifts that you can read about here and here. They were both my ideas, down to the little poems.

Well this year I was drawing a blank. But then I found this DARLING little blog called eighteen25 and stole, er, used all their ideas. Actually, my finished products don't even begin to hold a candle to theirs, but it's after 11pm and you get what you get.

Now, before I show you what I made I want to explain a few things. 1) Curly wants to thank every staff member she's ever even smiled at, not just her teachers. This includes but is not limited to : The lunch lady, the crossing guards, the office staff, the school nurse, the principal, the music teacher, the librarian and more. 2) I'm not completely cheap. These are thrifty ideas though because I don't feel like draining my bank account to thank every staff member who has ever walked through the doors of the school. So really we were just looking for a small token of appreciation, a trinket, really, to give people who are often forgotten at the end of the year. And as for the teacher gifts, well I just emptied my wallet for Teacher Appreciation week so this isn't the most expensive gift because she just got a good gift less than 3 weeks ago. I appreciate her, but my checkbook appreciates a bargain.

All right then, on with the show.

For the school staff:

Can you see what that is? Fishy Crackers in a small bag with a ribbon and a tag. That's it. You could do Swedish Fish too, but well, we HAVE goldfish crackers in the house and I think the goldfish crackers will go nicely with this:

No, not the giant bottle of vinegar on the counter or the facial scrub in the background. Ignore those. The root beer with a cute little tag that says:

Sweet, right? So crackers are for the staff and the "secondary" teachers like music and science and the librarian, will probably get one of each. Cheap and cute. It's the thought that counts. And it never EVER hurts to butter up the office staff. Trust me.

And then for Curly's teacher we did this:

We just rewrapped a big candy bar, leaving the foil on obviously, and replacing the outer wrapper, threw on a ribbon, a Starbucks giftcard and a tag. Cute and well deserved. And the great thing about a gc is that it can be for as much or as little as you would like, but the teacher will be grateful regardless. (I ran it by BFF the teacher to be sure.)

So there you have it. This years thrifty, fun and creative teacher (and staff) end of the year gifts. Don't forget that the other thing a teacher loves is a heartfelt note explaining your gratitude for the work they do. Pair that with some a yummy treat and you will never go wrong.


  1. Cute stuff! I'm making clipboards for the main teachers but maybe I'll do this for the staff and other teachers. I'm running out of time though! Pre-K ends on Friday!!

  2. sorry we are so behind on our emails! but better late than never right? :) i'm so glad you could put the ideas we shared to good use! everything looks great. i'm sure they all appreciated the gifts.