Friday, August 20, 2010

And so it begins

I dropped Curly off for her first day of second grade yesterday. Despite her nerves, she kept her composure. Her teacher is very sweet and soft spoken and I think she is just the perfect teacher for my oldest child. At the end of the day, the teacher said she had had a great day and was a wonderful student. That's my girl!

StinkyMan was my wild card for the day. I just didn't know how he would do. Husband and I took him in. The first thing the teacher had them do was a scavenger hunt. They had to find their cubby, find the rug, find the bathrooms, etc. It was a great way to familiarize them with the room and he was totally into it. Then they read a story and encouraged the kids to say goodbye to their parents. He could barely be bothered to see us off. There wasn't a tear in sight. All right, maybe one, from me, but even I did pretty well. He seems eager to go back.

3 kids in school. Next year it will be 4. I managed to hold it together this year. When my baby goes, though, all bets are off. If you live in my town, you may want to take out some flood insurance now to prepare.

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