Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bargain HIGH

I went to Kohl's. This is what I bought:

A la En Vogue, "And now it's time for a break down" (breakdown at 3:05ish):

2 pairs of shorts for Husband

2 pairs of cropped leggings for Curly

5 pairs of kid sunglasses

3 pairs of kid flip flops

1 pair of capris for me

1 pkg of undies for Curly

1 pkg of undies for Peanut (not pictured. She wanted to open and wear them immediately)

1 pair of shoes for BabyGirl

1 shirt for Curly

3 pair undies for me (not pictured, because quite frankly, you don't need to see my underwear)

According to the good people at Kohl's I saved $319.40

I spent a grand total of $33.02. Actually, I had a gift to return (a duplicate of something we already had) and got a merchandise credit of $24.98, so what I really spent OOP (out of pocket) was a whopping $8.04.

I love Kohl's clearance racks, I love coupons and I love my husband, who let me go out ALONE to bargain shop my brains out.

The Christmas stockings are already starting to look full.

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