Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're baaaack

And we had a great time. Curly LOVED the lake. She's such a little fish and was perfectly at home in the mountains. Peanut declared "There is sand at the beach and the beach and the mountains and the trees are all perfect!" StinkyMan had a good time, but I think he is my "city boy" because while he enjoyed his time there I don't think he adored it the way his sisters did. When we all fed a mama deer and her babies off the back porch, he quickly lost interest and went back inside.

As for me, I enjoyed myself. It was nice to just focus on 3/4 of my kids. No phone calls, no computer (although I did steal Husband's phone to check Facebook. I can't live totally without my internet life) and no interruptions. I missed my BabyGirl, though and she was very happy to see us all return, despite having a wonderful time with Grammy.

Tomorrow a return to real life, but for now, 3 of my kids are sound asleep, dreaming of their days at the lake, while my baby sleeps knowing her mama is home with her.

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