Friday, November 5, 2010

Flower headband

So enamored with her fun new flower clip, Curly requested some more flowers for other shirts and she wanted to help. Not sure how that would work out, we decided that she could trace the flower shapes and I would cut and man the glue gun. She was in charge of the rhinestone. This time we attached it to a headband. Super cute!

Forgive the poor picture. I forgot to turn off the flash and since I already pulled her out of bed after tucking her in I didn't want to yank her back out to take another. The pulling out of bed thing also explains the bad hair! The colors on this one are hot pink, lime green white and a deep purple/blue with a pink rhinestone middle on a line green headband and it looks really cute in her hair.

I'm starting to envision Mickey Mouse head clips for our Disney trips, candy canes or Christmas trees for the holidays, hearts for Valentine's Day and so on.

The best part was that Curly could help out too and it gave her a real sense of accomplishment to help make her head band. It was fun to have a project with her and to spend that time together. I'm sure we will be doing some more in the near future.

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