Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanks a lot

So yesterday, Halloween, we were headed out to a party. The kids were dressed and ready. For a month I've been telling them that in our family, really only the kids get dressed up. Mom and Dad just go as Mom and Dad.

Well Husband threw together a ridiculous looking Mexican wrestler outfit at the last minute which left me as the only uncostumed one. I'm fine with that. Mommies are used to being the party poopers.

So I was finishing up getting ready and felt like I was having a good hair and make-up day when Curly asked me what I was going to be for the party. Feeling happy with my appearance I said "I'm a super model."

Doubtfully, she looked me up and down and said "Well, I think you are going to need a lot more make-up, then" and walked out.

Thanks. Thank a lot. Good thing my self esteem does not lie in the hands of my seven year old!

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