Thursday, December 3, 2009

Favorite Word

Curly: What's your favorite word?

Mommy: My favorite word? Hmmmm. Maybe "chocolate" or "sleep."

Curly: My favorite words are Mommy and Daddy and StinkyMan and Peanut and BabyGirl and Love.

Mommy (hanging her head in Mommy shame for answering so poorly): I agree those are super words. And Curly. That's another favorite word.

It's amazing how a child can humble you with their point of view and inspire you with their capacity to love all in one sweet sentiment.

Indeed, my favorite words are Curly, StinkyMan, Peanut and BabyGirl, with some Husband and Love thrown in, too. I just needed to have it pointed out to me.

I do still like chocolate and sleep though......

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