Monday, December 7, 2009

What's next?

Disneyland! That's right, we leave at the first sliver of dawn for Disneyland. It's hard to know who is the most excited. I think that award might just go to Grammy, but the kids and Husband and I are right there with her.

There is still much to do even though Husband went ahead and flew down there this morning to work in the area taking all the heavy luggage with him. (Thanks Babe!) All I have to do is get the kids and myself on the plane (like it's that easy!)

This is the true kick off to our Christmas season. The housesitters are arranged, the errands are (nearly) completed, the mouse ears are packed and we could not be more ready.

My mom (the famous Grammy) and I used to do this trip together, just the 2 of us, before kids. Then I had Curly and we went with the 3 of us. Husband was never convinced it was as wonderful as I said. Then I had StinkyMan and he remained unconvinced for just a bit longer. Finally a few years back I talked him into it. Now, he wouldn't miss it for the world.

There IS something magic about Disneyland for all ages. It's even MORE magical through the eyes of the children. It makes your heart feel full and young and carefree. Watching the faces of your children light up at the sight of a princess or a mouse or giggling hysterically as you spin yourself sick on teacups is the best Christmas present I could ever want.

So watch out Disneyland. We are about to descend upon the House of Mouse and we are amped and ready!


  1. Sooo fun! We just went the day after Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. Just did it the old fashioned way. Walked in when the gates opened at 8am and left after fireworks that night. Woke my 6 year old up 3 times to see the fireworks and snow on main street. Hubs and I even got misty walking down main first thing that morning. Lots of wonderful memories of our own childhood. Have a wonderful time. Holly:)

  2. Ohh, have a great time! I will miss the little one this week! Tell Tink hi! Miss E