Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Beginning...

to look a lot like Christmas!

This is my favorite time of year. Tonight we will put up our tree and get out all the bins of Christmas decor to start making our home look like Santa's workshop.

There is nothing cuter than listening to little kids sing Christmas Carols. Peanut thinks that "Jingle Bells" is actually called "Tinker Bells" and StinkyMan is working hard to learn all the words to "The Twelve Days of Christmas." In a move of equal parts utter genius and dorkiness, my kids are well acquainted with and adore the Christmas CD of John Denver and the Muppets. (Beeker chiming in on a Christmas chorus is sheer brilliance!)

Curly is ready and waiting to help with all the baking and making of the season and Baby Girl will be IMPOSSIBLE to keep off the tree.

Secrets are whispered, packages are stashed, our supply of tape and ribbon is up and craft ideas and surprises are at an all time high.

Our elf made his first appearance this morning, hanging upside off the TV, with a note explaining that he's helping Santa with his naughty or nice list and how tomorrow morning he will be in a different spot for the kids to find. StinkyMan's smile was a mile wide and Curly, though she knows better, was eager to play along. Peanut didn't quite get it, but she will soon enough.

I have always ALWAYS loved this time of year. This time of Christmas cookies, Secret Santas, family gatherings, whispery conversations and jingley bells. Through they eyes of my children it is an amazing, magical month, filled with endless possibilities and visions of Santa and reindeer and elves.

I love Christmas time...it's not the presents, it's the season. I love giving more than getting, plotting and planning more than the post gift giving and just the whole atmosphere. Even the everyday stuff seems more special somehow. And I plan to savor it all.

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