Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary.

The children are whiny and Husband just ran to the store to get kiddie Tylenol.

So not what we envisioned this day 10 years ago.

I wouldn't change a thing. Marrying him was the smartest thing I ever did, and I'm a pretty smart girl and I've done some pretty smart stuff. Good thing that my brain and heart were in sync on this one.

I still think he is handsome. I still think he is smart. I still think he is kind. I still think he is funny. I have learned he is a good father. I have learned he is a patient and kind husband. I have watched and realized he is a good son in law to my parents. I have learned just how hard he will work to give us a good life. I have learned that my love for him grows all the time; grows greater, stronger and deeper.

I have learned that he loves me, no matter what.

And that is exactly what I signed on for 10 years ago today.

I love you so much, Babe. The first 10 years have gone by in a blur. I'm sure the next 10 will too. I'm so glad I have you to hold hands with as it all whirls by.

Happy Anniversary.

Update: I didn't think I had any pictures on this computer, but I do have one scanned in. I thought I'd share, even though it's not the best, quality wise.


  1. Happy 10th! Cheers of tea for the next 40!

  2. You're so good with words! Happy Anniversary and may the next 10 be just as wonderful. :)