Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday StinkyMan

Dear StinkyMan,

Today you are five. Truth be told, Mommy is struggling with that a little bit. Tonight I told you stories about when you were a baby. You thought they were so funny. I remember them like they happened yesterday.

Where did my baby boy go? Where is my baby who chewed his books instead of reading them? Where is the baby who was afraid to step on grass? Now I have a boy who loves to run in it. Where is that baby who said "Dadu!" when he saw his Daddy? Now I have such a little man who says "Daddy, do you want to play Wii with me?"

StinkyMan, you are my most loving child. Your heart is as big as your smile. You love your family wholly and without reservation. You give the best spontaneous hugs. Your giggle makes me giggle and your belly laugh gets me laughing just as hard.

You are so smart. You can already read, blazing through Curly's list of 1st grade words to know and surprising me constantly with what you already know. You ask good questions and retain the answers, thinking about them from all angles, then packing the information away in the corner of your brain for when you might need it later. I can almost always see your little wheels turning in your head.

I'm so, so proud of you , my one and only boy. You are funny, smart, kind, gentle, loving, funny, sweet and determined.

You are my favorite little boy in the world.

Happy 5th Birthday, StinkyMan.

Mommy loves you.

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  1. This should not have made me cry but it totally did. WHY do they have to grow up? Loved your post but so not looking forward to my own baby turning 5. :)