Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A childhood constant

You probably did it.

Your kids have probably done it or will do it.

Your parents probably did it when they were kids.

Their parents may well have done it as children too.

Your grandchildren will probably do it and your great grandchildren as well.

We can buy them all the fancy toys in the world. We can buy them Wii games and movies, and noisy educational toys. We can buy them dollies and blocks and cars and stuffed animals.

But nothing, NOTHING, stands the test of time and imagination like a bed sheet fort:

StinkyMan and Peanut (those are her big feet) spent HOURS in there today. They watched a TV (which was a pillow) and talked about the show they watched (something about a whale who spins plates), they ate a snack, had some milk, made up passwords, took pretend naps and told me I could not come in and could I please keep the baby away? She knocks the fort down.

And all the expensive, fancy, battery operated, noisy toys sat in the toy box unused for today. It wasn't the fanciest fort ever, but they were happy.

Happy kids=Happy Mommy.

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