Friday, March 26, 2010

The kids...

...didn't miss me.

I don't think that is totally true for all of them, but I guarantee you that StinkyMan and BabyGirl didn't. She had no reaction at all upon my return and StinkyMan never once wanted to talk to me on the phone. It is true that Husband is the more fun parent and that Grammy pitched in big time with special trips to Taco Bell and Frozen Yogurt and the park and her house, but I thought they would miss me a little bit. They didn't.

Curly missed me, but not as much as I thought. I came back late Monday night and they were all asleep. I woke her up, as promised, to say hello, and she just said "OK, bye-bye" and rolled over and went back to sleep. She was pleased to see me in the morning, but that's about as exciting as it got.

Peanut, upon discovering I was home, gave me a big long hug and said "You're home!" Then, for about the next hour or so she would walk up randomly and say "You're not with your friends anymore. You're here now. Eeeeeeeeeeee!" And hug my leg. Now that's more like it.

The house was not only still standing, it looked great. Husband had done and put away a lot of laundry, washed some windows and the TV, cleaned the kitchen and fixed dinner all but one night. I believe he also did all 3 girls hair everyday. Most days, I can't even get to some of the stuff he got done. I knew he was capable, but still I am very impressed.

It doesn't bother me that they didn't miss me or that Husband is a better task master than I am. It just makes me feel good to know that I can go have a few days for myself and that all of them, Husband included, will rise to the occasion, and not only manage, but thrive.

And it makes me ask all over again, what would we do without my mom, the kids' beloved Grammy? Thanks Mom!

With such fantastic results, I'm already planning my next getaway. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well that says a lot Tracy. Your kids are secure and grounded and your husband....well he sounds like Superman! Good job in the day to day, long haul stuff of raising your babies, Momma. This is the reward for all that hard work. Secure kids who love their mom but know she will be back and know they can function and manage while she is away...for a little while atleast.

    I never did the lip exfoliating....I'm sorry. And now we will be gone all week. Maybe when I get back. I do really want to do it. :o)