Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awwwww. SPLAT!

We were exiting the car in the school parking lot, me, StinkyMan, Peanut and BabyGirl. StinkyMan and Peanut dutifully waited on the sidewalk while I unloaded their little sister.

"OK, let's go!" I said, ready to head towards the school.

"WAIT!" urges StinkyMan, pointing towards the ground next to my tire. "A Roley! He looks scared." He leans down. "Hi little Roley Poly. The parking lot is not a good place for little bugs."

"He's going to get squished by a car" says Peanut somberly.

"Mommy, can I put him in the grass where he will be safe?" StinkyMan is such a kind boy.

"Of course. I think that would be very nice." I say, my heart happy that my bub is so compassionate.

With great care he picks up the Roley Poly on his finger...and chucks him overhand straight down towards the ground.

"There. He's safe now."

"And he won't get dead" says Peanut.

"Because he already is, you Bug Bullies!" I think to myself.

Instead I say "Very nice. Time for school."

We might have to work on our compassion follow through a bit.

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