Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's your shape?

Yesterday I took the two little girls to do some grocery shopping. They look so cute sitting side by side in one of those double seat carts. However, when the cart isn't made for that store (it was a Sam's cart in Walmart) the aisles can get a little narrow to share with other customers. I needed to make a right down an aisle and was looking for a row with no one in it so I could avoid the squeeze.

"Let me just find an empty aisle and we'll be in good shape." I told the girls.

A minute or two pass and Peanut says "But not a circle. We are not a circle shape. We are more like a triangle."

"The good shape we are in is a triangle?"

She nods. "Because people are not circles! That would be so crazy!"

I love how little minds work.

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