Friday, September 24, 2010


StinkyMan is "ignoyed" by his sister. That means, I am told, that he is ignoring her because she is annoying him.

Peanut is standing in my kitchen with her arms crossed, huffing and puffing and sighing with anger because she wants to be a princess for Halloween and I won't buy her a castle. Not a toy castle (which I also wouldn't run out and buy) but a real castle for us all to live in. "But I want to be a princess and so I need a castle!" she has wailed. Explanations of property value, mortgage qualifications and castle upkeep don't seem to be swaying her steadfast belief that a castle is her birthright.

And BabyGirl is working on a black eye. I was just going to call and book a portrait appointment this morning when somehow she tipped a rocking horse sideways and fell with her face onto a toy.

Thank goodness Curly is in school or who knows what drama she would add to my morning.

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