Friday, September 17, 2010

What would you say?

I watched this today and I wondered what my card would say. In the end, what I think I would say is "Everything is about to change in the best way possible...better than you can even imagine."

I want to know what yours would say. Leave me a comment and tell me what you would write on your card.


  1. Ok ok ok....after I got done mopping up my face, I will admit I stole your video and put it up on my blog also. I hope you don't mind. The mom's who read over at my blog are different than your readers...tired, sometimes sad, learning to let go of their precious beautiful children and these kind words spoken by all of these beautiful mommas might be just what they need to hear.

    I think my card would say: "Its ok to not know all the answers."

    Thank you Tracy for sharing....absolutely beautiful.

  2. *wiping tears* Thanks Tracy :) I think my card would say "Love will have an entirely new meaning."