Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was gone for 3 days, visiting a friend, having a blast learning new cake techniques and hanging out. We shopped, worked on cakes, went to the movies (I recommend Easy A. Fun stuff) and just chilled.

But as every mommy knows, you don't come home without something for the kids. So I got them each 2 little gifts. Curly is all into peace signs, so she got a rhinestone peace sign and a pack of gum. StinkyMan got a $5 movie and a pack of gum. Peanut got a new dress and a pack of gum. BabyGirl really has no idea what's going on, so I just stashed her a bag of pretzels off the plane.

And what do they like the most?

You guessed it: the pretzels. Thankfully I had enough to go around. I was keeping them for school snacks, but I guess not anymore.

I agonized over those gifts too. Next time, I'll just save myself the trouble and bring home the airline snack and forget the rest!

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