Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today was Talent Show Tryout day. I thought Curly and her friend did a pretty good job with their hoola hooping routine. Imagine my dismay to see the act trying out immediately after them was, not only also a hooping routine, but a hooping routine to the same song! And acts are getting cut. When the kids were initially finished with their routine I thought they had a good shot. Then I saw and heard the other kiddos' routine begin and I knew our chance of being cut had gone up exponentially. What are the odds of the kids choosing the same random talent to the same random song? Blah.

Then, all day long, I'd really been looking forward to the school photographer putting Peanut's school picture proofs online so I could see them. I couldn't wait to scroll through them again and again trying to decide which I loved most, which picture best portrayed my lively little sprite.

Except I don't like any of them. I'm so sad and even a little bitter. I wanted to order a bunch and frame them up as Christmas gifts and I just don't see spending the money on these shots. They aren't reflective of her at all. Another blah.

So tomorrow I will schedule portraits and hold my breath until the list of acts is posted for the Talent Show. Then we will either console or celebrate.

This mom business is hard work. Blah.

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  1. And it doesn't get any better, even when your babies are in their thirtys.