Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peace and Quiet

Curly is in love with peace signs. She wants practically everything she owns to have peace signs on it. As a result, Peanut is very aware of peace signs but has no actual concept of what peace is. If you know Peanut you know this is true because that child talks from sun up to sun down and she is NOT the quiet type.

Not too long ago StinkyMan was angry about something and he just needed to be left alone. Peanut, who also doesn't understand the concept of leaving her brother alone, was in his face, asking him why he was angry.

"Baby, he just needs some peace and quiet." I told her.

"OK." she said and she ran off. Pleased that she understood, I turned my attention to a tearful StinkyMan.

A minute later Peanut was standing next to us. "Here are some peas, StinkyMan" she said, helpfully thrusting a bag of frozen peas at him. See around here, we put a bag of frozen peas on owies. She was helping. (I know, so cute, right?)

I took the peas and thanked her before her brother could clue her in that she'd made a mistake and she happily ran off, pleased with her helpfulness.

Then yesterday she was using the restroom. I won't lie, we call it going potty, a term I swore I would never use before I had kids that I now use without a second thought. So she was going potty and was in there for a while, singing a little song. When she came out I asked (because I am a mom and we ask these things) "Did you go poops?"

"No." She answered cheerfully "Just pees. I was just in the bathroom having some pees and quiet."

No wonder she doesn't quite get her sister's obsession with "peace."

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