Friday, October 22, 2010

Confessions of a Bad Mommy

I have never claimed to be perfect. Not once. This past week I was a bad mommy lots and lots of times. Examples (with counterbalances to keep me in the average mommy scoring range):

Bad Mommy: Lets BabyGirl have chocolate milk once a day
Good Mommy: it's just a droplet of chocolate in a whole cup of white milk

Bad Mommy: Let StinkyMan eat a Lean Pocket Pepperoni Pizza Pocket for breakfast
Good Mommy: denied BabyGirl a bowl of homemade butter cream for breakfast

Bad Mommy: Let Curly buy school lunch 2 days in a row, when 1 day is generally all that is allowed. That stuff is so junky.
Good Mommy: Packed very healthy lunches the other days AND some fun Halloween jokes from here for good measure.

Bad Mommy: Let the kids go to bed a smidge later than they should have most nights this week
Good Mommy: is crazy strict about bedtimes, so even going late, there were still all asleep by 8:30ish.

Bad Mommy: accidentally said "hate" in front of Peanut
Good Mommy: bit her tongue and stopped herself from swearing in front of Peanut when she rammed her toe into a wall (don't ask)

Bad Mommy: still hasn't gotten out the Halloween decorations
Good Mommy: is getting up in the morning to decorate instead of sleeping in.

A solid grade C for the week, and you know what? That's was just going to have to be good enough. It was a loooooooong week.

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