Monday, February 9, 2009

Free Falling

Did you think Tom Petty?

Good song. Not what I was thinking of, though.

See, I love a bargain. Love it. I stalk clearance sales. 50% off? That's for amateurs. It must be a great discount before I will whip out the debit card. I once bought baby wipe refill 3 packs for a penny a piece. Stalk, stalk, stalk. That crazed woman scanning the items from the clearance rack? That's me.

The other thing I love is getting rid of stuff. I used to live for getting those little cards in the mail that there was going to be a neighborhood charity pick up and please put a bag by the curb. Or better still, the ones who left a bag on the door for me to use. Free bag! Yay! Free decluttering! Bigger yay!

So what combines bargain hunting and getting rid of stuff?

No, not Goodwill. Nice try. Thank you for playing.

It's called Freecycle, People, and I am stunned, STUNNED, at how many people have no idea what it is.

Join your local Freecycle group today. It's online. No cost whatsoever. Got something to get rid of? Post it. If someone needs or wants what you have, they will respond and come get it. Poof! It's out of your house. Need, oh I dunno, a bunch of teacups for a child's birthday party? Ask and ye shall receive. Just go pick them up.

I have gotten wall decals, teacups, picture frames, baby clothes for my niece's baby, a NICE pack n play, totally brand new in the box with seals intact baby food,a pretty nice fake Christmas tree and so much more. I have gotten rid of an old pack n play, old baby gates, bar stools, kid clothes, kid toys, craft crap I would have never used, baby food jars,...the list goes on and on.

We are a consumerist society in an economic crisis. This is simply an awesome way to reduce, reuse and recycle. Some people have junk to offer. Some people have brand new stuff they have no use for. Some people just have perfectly nice stuff they have no need for. You know what they say about one man's trash being another man's treasure.

And so I am falling in love with Freecycle. See now where the song comes in? Go ahead. Get it out of your head. I dare you. And while you are cursing me, check out Even if you never get a thing from it, you can at least get rid of all that stuff in the back of your closets without ever leaving your house.


  1. Trac I LOVE your blog. I read it everyday! Sorry J is out of town:( Wish we lived closer so we could help you out.