Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm so not ready for this

I have been informed by another Kindergarten mom that there is a girl in Curly's class who has started a club. For anonymity's sake (and because I don't out my kids, so I can't out someone else's) we will call her Suzy. Apparently Suzy has started The Suzy Club. There are 4 members, including Suzy, but it is clear that Suzy is the club boss. She decides if the other girls are allowed to go get drinks during recess. She decides if they can go potty. If she needs a napkin she tells one of the other girls to run and get one for her. You get the idea.

Now, before you judge Other Mother for gossiping about a child, she was talking to me about this because her daughter is in The Suzy Club. Other Mother had some concerns. Her daughter was coming home thirsty, her daughter nearly wet her pants one day because she hadn't gone to the restroom at school. Other Mother spoke to her daughter about maybe finding some new friends to play with, but daughter was concerned that Suzy would be angry with her. Other Mother wanted to know if Curly was aware of said club or if Curly had mentioned anything about it.

Truth be told, no she had not. I knew nothing of The Suzy Club. And when I first heard the word "club", my first thoughts, which are undoubtedly left over from my own childhood social anxieties, were "But why isn't Curly in the club? Why don't those girls want to be friends with my baby?" But upon listening further and discovering that the members of The Suzy Club are all the quietest and most passive girls in Curly's class, and that's it's more of a "be my friend so I can boss you around" situation, I was quite glad and maybe a little proud even that my daughter was not one of the victims, er members. The club, complete with a cheer (think sports team huddle with "GOOOOOOOOOOO Suzy's Club!) seems less of a club and more of Suzy having figured out whom she could be nasty to and who would do her bidding. A junior mean girl. A queen bee in training.

Other Mother has alerted the teacher (apparently Other Mother personally witnessed some of the behavior when she volunteered in the classroom.) Mrs. Teacher has assured Other Mother that she will watch and take care of it.

I did ask Curly about it. She said "Me and Other Mother's daughter are going to start our own club. The Suzy Club isn't very fun so we're going to start 'The Nice Fun Club' and everyone can be in it."

That's my girl! Sadly I know it won't always be that easy. And I am so not ready.

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