Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor, Spoiled Princess

I am not referring to any of my girls. I am referring to myself.

Today is the day I have to let my cleaning lady go.

I know, I know, cry you a river, right? Because how spoiled is it to be a stay home mom with a cleaning lady?

I first got one when StinkyMan was small. I watched my best friend's kids while she worked part time and since that was my mad money, I called in a cleaning lady.

Then we moved and got a house literally twice the size of where we had been and I was twice the size I normally was because I was hugely pregnant with Peanut. Knowing I couldn't do it all, I called in another cleaning lady.

And so I have been spoiled ever since. Twice a month she comes and does all the dirty work. I swipe at the counters in between her visits, run the Roomba and clean an occasional toilet, but that's about it.

But, we have the previously mentioned bills. And Husband took a pay cut a while back and that's not helping. And I can't very well ask everyone to make cuts and sacrifices if I won't give up the cleaning lady, now can I?

So today is the day. My final cleaning and I will tell her I can't have her back. I feel worse for her than I feel for me. I know in this economy she's undoubtedly feeling the pinch as well. And I'm about to pinch her too.

So, I will become reacquainted with my mop and bucket. *sigh* But I promise you this: like all great heroines, I will prevail....and when I do, I'll get my cleaning lady back ASAP. Because I really am a spoiled princess. Hey, at least I recognize it.

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