Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have mentioned before a message board I frequent. It is there I "learned" about things I would never have even thought about before. Things like Carnival Christmases, the atrocity that is character clothing (unless it comes from a boutique) and the evil of light up shoes. Don't get me wrong, I have also received helpful tips from these women, but some of the things they consider to be big "no-no's" are things I do and have done without a second thought.

The latest no-no was that we should not, under any circumstances, give teachers homemade food. By extension, I was told, the homemade sugar scrub was also a bad idea. You see, the teacher doesn't know if we are clean people. She doesn't know if we wash our hands. She doesn't know if we sneezed while making homemade salsa. So purchased items are the only acceptable gifts.

Now, I actually take great offense that someone might think we are so gross they would not eat from our kitchen. She knows me, she know my kid. We are clean. But more than that I was offended that it would be MY problem that the teacher might have an issue with homemade goods. Her hang-up would be her problem, not mine. And whatever happened to "it's the thought that counts?" And I didn't even know if she had a hang-up about it, but the message board gals assured me that she would and that most likely my goodies would go straight into the garbage.

I steamed and stewed. I mean, while I could go out and purchase something small for every event, not everyone has that in their budget. And plus, aren't we supposed to teach kids that things made by hand and from the heart, with love, are the best, most special kinds of gifts?

In the end, we went ahead and made the salsa and the sugar scrub, as most of you know. I figured if she threw it out, I would never know and Curly had the joy of making something special and unique for her teacher.

Well, to be juvenile for just a minute, you can all suck it, Message Board Ladies, because the teacher called this weekend to tell me how much she loves the scrub and could she please have the recipe to make some for when Curly's ran out? And she also mentioned that she loved the salsa as well and would it be possible for me to write that down too? She said I was quite the creative and handy gal and that the gifts were so special to her as they had clearly taken a good bit of love and effort.

Vindication is a very, very, very good thing. So ha-ha-ha.

Tomorrow I will go back to being a grown-up. But for now I will just revel in being right.


  1. HAHA!!!! SUCK IT Bargain Bints!!!

  2. Oh my gosh.....loved this article and LOVED that you LOVED your vindication! Every once in a while, it just feels good to let all the 'know it alls' in the world know that this old world can survive very nicely (thank you) without someone stepping up on their santimonious pedastal!! hehehehe

    Ok, ok...and like you, I will go back to just smiling nicely and saying 'thank you' for their input...but for today, I celebrate WITH YOU! hehehehe


  3. I broke the cardinal rule of homemade goods myself this past Christmas. I spent 2 solid days baking 7 different kinds of baked goods for our pastors, friends and yes, daycare teachers and staff. I got so many thanks and compliments, it was unbelievable. Everyone at that daycare had tried some of my homemade goodies and loved them. They were thrilled not only at the goodies themselves, but that we had taken the time to actually make something from the heart. So yeah, homemade is NOT evil. A lot of people DO appreciate it. And FWIW, my oldest is at daycare right now in a spiderman t-shirt. It was too cold for the light-up sandals though.

  4. Conventional wisdom is often wrong and seldom wise. Way to draw your own conclusions and make the right decision!