Friday, May 15, 2009

So Proud

My husband did me proud tonight.

We were nearly out of toilet paper, so he offered to go to Target and pick some up. It's most likely he offered to go because his trips to Target take 20 minutes whereas mine take at least 45. I have a small Target addiction, but that's neither here nor there.

Proud moment number one: He asked if we had any coupons for the toilet paper. Awwww. Good job, Honey. Never pay full price. I told him Target was having a deal on Charmin. Buy 2 packs, get a $5 Target gift card AND I had 2 coupons for an extra 50 cents off. He nodded as he pocketed the coupons, before asking if we needed anything else.

I handed him another coupon, one that should yield free sunscreen.

"Anything else?"

I gave him one more coupon for some allergy stuff. I had no idea how much the stuff was so I said "If it's over $5 don't buy it."

Off we went and I sighed, not sure the coupons would be used as directed. They usually aren't, though he tries.

To my surprise, when he came home well within the 20 minute time frame, he had done not only as directed, but even better!

He purchased the Charmin and the sunscreen, with coupons and received his five dollar gift card. Then he did a separate purchase of the sinus stuff, with the coupon and the five dollar gift card bringing the total to under the instructed $5!


I'm so proud. He's learning well.

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