Monday, May 4, 2009

It is so easy... forget we are a team. I'm talking about Husband and me.

See, we were slammed by some pretty heavy medical bills after Baby Girl was born. We have good insurance but the bills were still quite high. And every time I think we've gotten them all paid, up pops one I missed or one I haven't seen before. Or there is something new, like Peanut's head gluing, or our part of the big V.

The point is that we have exhausted our savings and we are still making payments (interest free, thankfully) for a few things. And so our funds are quite low and with the cuts Husband's job has made there will be no increase in income in the foreseeable future. One broken down car or broken fridge and we'd be borrowing money from somewhere.

My wheels had begun to spin. I can babysit and likely will. But I also wanted to cut down our retirement contributions. And I knew he would hate that.

So I agonized. And agonized. And agonized. I know it won't be forever...just until we have a nice savings for the next thing that takes us by surprise. But I also hate the idea of taking from our future and I just knew he'd hate it too. I expected him to say "No way" or "Let's just try to spend less."

But he didn't. He just said "OK. I bumped it up a little a while back. We can bump it down."

And that was it. No questions, no eye rolling, nothing. He took one for the team.

I love that man. It's so easy to underestimate our significant others. So easy to expect the worst reaction, to anticipate a "me versus you" type argument. It's so easy to forget we are a team.

I'm so glad he's on my team. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

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  1. It's moments like these that make life great. I love when I think I'm going to suggest something that my Husband would shoot down and he actually goes along with it. Takes a load of stress off.