Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've been saving for a new couch. Ideally new couches. They aren't a "must have" they are a "want" and so I decided to just save, little bits at a time, by selling stuff on eBay and Craigslist. Just last week my total hit $400. I began to imagine I was in striking distance of some new furniture. Not top of the line, not my dream couch, just something that looks nice, sits comfortably and isn't the worn out, stained terrors my current couches are.

And then the air conditioning in my car gave out. In California. In the summer. Nice.

I suppose it could be argued that air in a car is also not a "must have" but really, it is. I drive a Tahoe with 4 kids, which means we use the seats in the far back, with windows that don't open. And even if they did open the weather often passes 100 degrees here. Not exactly cooling to drive around with the windows down.

We are still building our emergency fund back up from all the medical bills we incurred last year, so the only real money we have is, of course, my couch fund.

It hurts. I was so close. But I think this is the nature of being a grown up. Yes I want a couch. I really want 2 couches, or maybe some kind of new set. But we need a/c in the car. And so what I want will be pushed aside for what we need. We will not charge it. We will not borrow it. We will just pay for it.

And I will wait for the sting of disappointment to disappear while I think of more things to sell.

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  1. Write a naughty novel for some couches?

    (This is your gimpy sister, btw. On my AOL open account.)

    I know you don't actually have the time, but you could try? I told the roomie, and she thinks she might give it a shot. Someday. Maybe.